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15 Feb 2024

When your business is built on scarcity and desirability, LESS IS MORE.

In 2023, Volvo Cars sold ~52 times as many cars as Ferrari, 709K vs. 13.7K units. Looking at revenue, Volvo Cars generated €35.3B, which is ~6x more than Ferrari's €6B. Interestingly enough, despite the company's scale, $VOLCAR "only" generated €1.8B in EBIT (5%), compared to $RACE's €1.6B (27%). Source: Quartr

4 Jan 2024

Among the Top 10 surprises for 2024 by JP Morgan CIO: [Surprise #4] The driverless car backlash is coming. Here's why:

"In the few places where full Level 5 autonomous cars are being tested in real world conditions (San Francisco, Austin), they have blocked ambulances on their way to the hospital, hampered other emergency responders, caused accidents, increased congestion and run over pedestrians, one instance of which reportedly resulted in the resignation of Cruise’s CEO. Waymo has added technology to reportedly allow firefighters to take control of its vehicles if they stop moving. LiDAR (autonomous vehicle technology) stocks have collapsed by 85% from their peak - see chart below. A possible backlash might be coming from citizens who believe, as in the case of the despised urban scooter plague, that convenience for some results in dangers and inconvenience for others. Tesla is experiencing problems even at Level 2, which requires driver oversight. The NHTSA investigated a series of crashes involving Tesla autopilot and found that its methods of insuring driver compliance are inadequate and can lead to “foreseeable misuse”. In December, Tesla issued a recall of 2 million vehicles to update the software to require greater driver compliance". Source: JP Morgan,

4 Jan 2024

The Growth of New Car Prices in the U.S.

Source: Visual Capitalist

14 Nov 2023

The average price of a used Tesla has declined 16 months in a row, moving from a record high of $67,900 in July 2022 to a record low of $39,550 today (-42%). $TSLA

Source: Charlie Bilello

2 Nov 2023

Americans Panic Search "Give Car Back" As Subprime Auto Loan Delinquency Erupts

Recent data from Edmunds reveals that an unprecedented 17% of American car purchasers now have monthly car payments of $1,000, a significant increase from just 7% three years ago. This trend highlights the extent to which consumers, despite being financially stretched, are willing to take on massive auto debt in these uncertain economic times as macroeconomic headwinds pile up. New Google data, first revealed by X user CarDealershipGuy, shows Americans are searching "give car back" on the internet has soared to a record high. Source: Google search


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