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12 Dec 2023

China is the only country experiencing deflation

CPI is down 4.7% since 2020 while every other country has experience inflation – some experiencing the highest in decades. Source: Genevieve Roch-Decter, CFA, Bloomberg, Macrobond

3 Nov 2023

Belgium and Netherlands are now in deflation

Source: SocGen, TME

20 Oct 2023

Disinflationary forces are intensifying in Germany, at least for now

German PPI deflation deepened with PPI down 14.7% YoY, the most since the start of the statistic in 1949. Even compared to the previous month, producer prices fell by 0.2%. Source: HolgerZ, Bloomberg

21 Sep 2023

In case you missed it: German PPI deflation deepened w/PPI down 12,6%, most since the start of the statistic in 1949

Source: HolgerZ, Bloomberg

8 Sep 2023

At least there is deflation somehwre...

The average price of a used #Tesla has declined 13 months in a row, moving from a record high of $67,900 in July 2022 to a record low of $41,574 in August 2023 (-39%). Source: Charlie Bilello


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