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8 Apr 2024

Early retirements surged again in late 2023 with the gains in the stock market and home prices, leading to a record 2.7 million excess retirees in the US.

Source: Bloomberg, Charlie Bilello

13 Mar 2024

A record number of Americans are taking hardship withdrawals from their 401k.

The figure has nearly doubled over the last four years. 40% of these hardship withdrawals are to avoid foreclosure. Source: Nick Gerli, Wall Street Journal

12 Feb 2024

Another wave of early retirements is hitting as the stock market surges

This complicates the Fed's goals for the labor market to some degree, as it means there are more exiting the workforce. There's already 1.45 jobs available for every unemployed person seeking work. Source: Bloomberg, Markets & Mayhem


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