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12 Feb 2024

“Super Sick Monday"

16.1 million U.S. employees will be completely absent from work today following Super Bowl Sunday, according to this year’s research from UKG. In 2023, nearly 18.8 million employees said they planned on missing work on Super Bowl Monday. However, 6.4 million further employees plan to come to work late, another 11.2 million are unsure of whether they will come to work, and around 6.4 million will decide what to do on the day. The number jumps up for U.S. employees who plan to miss at least some work on Monday, reaching around 22.5 million employees – 14% of the U.S. workforce. The research also finds six million employees have not yet notified their employers and will call in sick on the day or simply ‘ghost’ their employer on Monday. source : The Harris Pol, UKG Workforce Institute

12 Feb 2024

This is out of this world...

Source: Not Jerome Powell

12 Feb 2024

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Here's the cost of a 30-second ad over time, handily beating inflation over the last 50+ years Source: Markets & Mayhem

12 Feb 2024

SuperBowl tickets have never been more expensive.

Source: Ryan Detrick, Bloomberg


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