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14 Feb 2024

There were winners today...

VIX 17 call expiring tomorrow (Wednesday) was basically worthless earlier today... Source: TME, Refinitiv

14 Feb 2024

VIX panic kicking in.

VIX has not closed here since the melt up started in late October 2023. You do not compare volatility to trending assets over time, but the shorter term chart shows a clear picture. VIX panic is here. Source: TME, Refinitiv

12 Feb 2024

“Volmageddon” is not a Word in the Dictionary.

This term is a blend of "volatility" and "Armageddon," and it refers to a significant and sudden increase in market volatility. It specifically references an event on February 5, 2018, when the stock market experienced a sharp increase in volatility.The previous time the skew reached such a low level was on that exact day, mere hours before Volmageddon caused the VIX to skyrocket, moving it from a serene level of 14 to a heightened state of 40. source : zerohedge

1 Feb 2024

A Trader bought 50,000 CBOE Volatility Index $VIX April expiry 50 strike calls for $0.21 which is a total premium of just over $1 million.

Source: Barchart

4 Jan 2024

The volatility index, $VIX, is up 14% to kick off the first trading day of 2024. This puts the $VIX on track for its biggest daily jump since October 13th

Source: The Kobeissi Letter

13 Dec 2023

The $VIX currently stands at 12.07, its lowest close since November 2019

Soruce: Charlie Bilello

4 Dec 2023

Some investors are worried about VIX index being too low, i.e markets are too complacent

The chart below is a good reminder that a "low VIX" is a normal part of bull markets. Investors seem to always forget this. Source: Mark Ungewitter, Ryan Detrick

22 Nov 2023

Today is the BIG DAY with Nvidia ($NVDA) earnings results after the bell

With the Nasdaq up more than 13% from the lows, $NVDA at all-time-high, 95% of sell-side analysts with a BUY rating on $NVDA (!) sentiment of AI probably at record optimistic level after Microsoft "aqui-hire" of openai and the $VIX historically low at 13.5, there is indeed room for a short-term pullback... Source:, kakashiii111

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