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19 Feb 2024

Warren Buffett loves share cannibals.

"The math isn't complicated. When the share count goes down, your interest in the businesses goes up. Every small bit helps if repurchases are made at value-accretive prices". Source: Koyfin Charts

16 Feb 2024

Legendary Investor Warren Buffet’s Updated $347 BILLION Portfolio - sold some Apple shares

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway sold off about 10 million shares or almost $2 billion of Apple stock in the final quarter of 2023, according to the firm's 13-F filing. Berkshire also sold off the majority of its position in HP and about half of its shares of Paramount Global. The firm boosted its positions in Chevron and Occidental Petroleum, as well as Sirius XM Holdings. Berkshire exited large positions in StoneCo and D.R. Horton, as well as two smaller positions in insurance firms Globe Life and Markel. Source: Creative Capital, Reuters

12 Feb 2024

All-Time Highs

BRK.A and BRK.B both hit new all-time highs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The Class A shares also rose above $600,000 for the first time ever. source : keja

6 Feb 2024

Buffett's Berkshire Beats the S&P 500 in Jan 2024 by 6%

Berkshire Hathaway outperformed the S&P 500 by an impressive 6% in January 2024, marking the fourth highest monthly outperformance over the last decade. Despite Apple, which represents 50% of Berkshire's portfolio, being down more than 3% (indicated by white bars), Berkshire's value soared. In an extraordinary display in November 2018, despite Apple's plunge of over 18%, Berkshire Hathaway saw an increase of more than 4%. source : John Haslett, CA(SA), FRM, Graphite Asset Advisory

11 Jan 2024

After Bill Gates became friends with Warren Buffett, he began to diversify his portfolio and sold Microsoft shares

Bill Gates' fortune today is 138 billion dollars, if he hadn't diversified it would be 1.33 trillion dollars. Source: alex_avoigt

8 Jan 2024

Warren Buffett became a Millionaire at the age of 30 and a Billionaire at 56

Here's Warren Buffett's net worth by age - source: Evan

8 Jan 2024

The 12 Tenets of the Warren Buffet Way

Source: Investment Books (Dhaval)

19 Dec 2023

Warren Buffet 5/25 rule

Source: Compounding Quality

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