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26 Feb 2024

World oil demand is breaking out to new all-time highs.

Source: Topdown charts

21 Feb 2024

Visualizing the Most Valuable Brands in 12 Countries

At the start of 2024, Apple was found to be the world’s most valuable brand, with a value of $517 billion—a 73.6% increase over the previous year. China may have 20 brands in the top 100, but South Korea’s Samsung trumps it for second place outside of the U.S. with a value of $99 billion. Overall, Asian brands have attained significant value in recent years. China’s TikTok (along with its domestic counterpart, Douyin) is well known all around the world and had a value of $84 billion, while Japan’s Toyota and Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Aramco had brand values of $53 billion and $42 billion respectively. Europe’s most valuable brand is Germany’s Deutsche Telekom at $73 billion, while French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton had a value of $32 billion. source : visualcapitalist

21 Feb 2024

Worldwide leaders approval rating thru Thomas Wille

G7 leaders rating looks miserable (NB: The President of Switzerland is no longer Alain Berset - Viola Amherd now holds this for the year 2024).


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