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2 Feb 2024

Divided Bank of England boe leaves policy unchanged, says interestrates are ‘under review’

- Inflation is projected to fall temporarily to the Bank’s 2% target in the second quarter of this year before rising again in the third and fourth, due to the varying contribution of energy prices to annual comparisons. - Headline inflation is not expected to return to target again until late 2026, the Bank’s newest Monetary Policy Report projected. - Bank of England: 6 votes to hold rates, 2 votes to hike, 1 vote to cut This is the 6th time in the BoE's 295 meeting history that we've seen a 3 way split vote. On most occasions (except for '06) - the doves have won & BoE have gone on to cut rates sharply

1 Feb 2024

Bank of England day ! A Shift in Inflation Outlook and Monetary Policy?

💡 Today, the Bank of England (BOE) is convening for its highly anticipated meeting, and we're closely monitoring it for potential shifts in their monetary policy tone. The BOE's impending Monetary Policy Committee decision promises to be intriguing, with current expectations leaning towards maintaining the benchmark rate at 5.25%. 📉 Indeed, a significant twist in the narrative has occurred. The UK's inflation outlook has undergone a substantial revision, with current projections indicating a return to the 2% inflation target by the summer of 2024 – a whole year earlier than previously anticipated. This could have far-reaching implications. 📊 Adding to the intrigue is the possibility of a single vote in favor of a rate cut and a potential softening of the BOE's previous tightening stance. While the risk remains that the BOE might stick to its hawkish position, the evolving economic landscape could set the stage for an earlier easing cycle, potentially commencing as soon as June. 💬 The shifting dynamics of inflation and the subsequent responses by central banks are pivotal indicators for market movements. Fixed income investments may see considerable benefits from these potential developments.


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