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15 Apr 2024

Cocoa beans are the new AI. 🍫

Now up +161% YTD. Source: Trend Spider

26 Mar 2024

Chocolate Lovers are Going To Have A Hard Time In The Next Few Months!

Yes, folks, the price of cocoa is witnessing a scorching rally (cocoa nears $10,000 per ton), which has led to mind-boggling prices for the raw material used to prepare chocolates. The insane PRICE INCREASE can be attributed to the significant supply disruptions in Africa and leveraged speculators🚨 Source: Sagar Singh, Wall Street Silver Image:

25 Mar 2024

The race continues...Bitcoin is up a 'modest' 237% in the last 12 months.

Cocoa is up 310% and NVIDIA 350%. Source: Bloomberg, Jeroen Blokland

25 Mar 2024

Cocoa is the new crypto

Source: David Ingles, Bloomberg

18 Mar 2024

Cocoa Prices Double From Start of 2024

The most-active contract in New York rose to $8,394 a metric ton, the highest on record! Source : bloomberg

12 Mar 2024

The cocoa rally.

Cocoa prices hit a fresh record high, fast approaching the once unthinkable $7,000 per tonne level. At current levels, we will see soon widespread retail price increases for all kinds of chocolate. Source: Bloomberg, Javier Blas

27 Feb 2024

Cocoa Hits All-Time High 🚨

Cocoa competing against Nvidia $NVDA to see which one can set the most of new all-time highs this year... Source: Barchart

19 Feb 2024

Cocoa Speculation Hits All-Time High

Speculative Traders have built a long position worth $8.7 billion in Cocoa, the largest in history. Source: FT, Barchart

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