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12 Feb 2024

The U.S. Dollar is currently used in more than 48% of international payment transactions, the highest level in more than a decade.

USD isn’t going away anytime soon 🇺🇸. Source: Barchart, Macrobond

12 Feb 2024

The negative correlation between the us dollar with stocks (and other risk assets) has been strong for quite some time.

Meanwhile, US Dollar Index Futures are up every single week this year. Has this relationship now changed, or is the unwind about to come? Source: JC Parets

15 Jan 2024

moneylaudering using usdollar vs. using bitcoin

Source: United Nations Office on drugs and crime, Global investigation review,

15 Jan 2024

Tether $USDT's market cap dominance is 71% now.

Source:, Ki Young Ju

12 Jan 2024

Speculators have built their largest short U.S. Dollar position since 2020 and one of the largest in history

Source: barchart

11 Jan 2024

After Bill Gates became friends with Warren Buffett, he began to diversify his portfolio and sold Microsoft shares

Bill Gates' fortune today is 138 billion dollars, if he hadn't diversified it would be 1.33 trillion dollars. Source: alex_avoigt

4 Jan 2024

The international role of the US dollar in one chart

Source: JP Morgan

4 Jan 2024

One of the most important chart of 2023

Source: FT

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