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30 Jan 2024

Equity futures spiked while bond yields dropped yesterday after the close after US Treasury unexpectedly slashed borrowing estimates:

- For Q1, US Treasury now expects to borrow "only" $760 billion in debt, which is $55 billion lower than what it expected in October 2023, and is about $30BN below wall street estimates. The difference the Treasury explained is "largely due to projections of higher net fiscal flows and a higher beginning of quarter cash balance." In other words, Treasury expects higher taxes to more than make up the $55BN difference from the previous estimate. - For Q2, the Treasury now expects to borrow only $202 billion in debt. While there was no previous Treasury forecast for this period, Wall Street expected a number somewhere in the $500BN vicinity, so clearly this is far lower than preciously expected. Source: Bloomberg, Chris Middleton, Lawrence McDonald,

5 Jan 2024

US interest rate futures are beginning to shift back in the less dovish direction

Odds of 7 or 8 interest rate cuts in 2024 have halved this week. Also, odds of rate cuts beginning this month are down to just 7%. However, the base case still shows 6 rate cuts for a total of 150 basis points in 2024. This is double the 3 rate cuts forecasted at the Fed's latest meeting. Source: The Kobeissi Letter

14 Dec 2023

Interest rate futures shift to showing a ~57% chance of rate CUTS beginning in March 2024

Markets also see a growing 9% chance of rate cuts beginning as soon as next month. Futures are projecting a total of FIVE rate cuts in 2024. There's a 28% chance of 6 cuts and an 11% chance of 7 cuts in 2024. Meanwhile, the Fed just said they see just 3 rate cuts in 2024. So markets are still "fighting" the Fed. But the Fed is starting to adjust... Source: The Kobeissi Letter

20 Nov 2023

Copper hits widest contango in AT LEAST 29 years

Source: Barchart, Bloomberg

15 Nov 2023

JUST IN: Futures now show a 0% chance of additional rate hikes with rate cuts beginning in May 2024

Prior to today's CPI report, there was a 30% chance of at least one more rate hike ahead. Rate cuts were expected to begin in June 2024. Now, markets are pricing-in at least 4 rate CUTS in 2024. Markets are betting that the Fed is done. Source: The Kobeissi Letter

1 Nov 2023

Orange juice hit another all-time high this week

Source: Tradingview

27 Oct 2023

Uranium narrative has made headlines again...Prices are now back above the levels seen before the Fukushima incident in March 2011...

Source: Game of trades

12 Sep 2023

Steack-flation...Cattle Futures have once again closed at an all-time high. Steaks are going to be getting expensive!

Source: Barchart

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