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21 Mar 2024

Powell: " We expect a bit more inflation and higher growth, but... we’re still going to be cutting rates very soon while also slowing down QT..." Mr market:

source: Geiger Capital

25 Jan 2024

EV sales are projected to grow 21% this year to 16.7 million vehicles, with China commanding nearly 60% share in Bloomberg’s outlook


23 Jan 2024

Luxury goods sector growth to slow down in 2024

Source: FT

17 Jan 2024

This scatter plot shows where growth tech valuations stand based on 2024 metrics

Source: Shay Boloor

15 Jan 2024

A bipartisan proposal for an unexpected $70B fiscal boost of tax breaks for businesses and families could fuel us economic growth (and inflation) in 2024

Source: Bloomberg

8 Jan 2024

Global Energy Shock Graph (only till 2020 unfortunately) Life without fossil fuels is not for tomorrow

Source: Willem Middelkoop

15 Dec 2023

Believe it or not...

On December 14, the GDPNow model nowcast of real GDP growth in Q4 2023 is 2.6%.

14 Dec 2023

What a journey for Ireland...

Ireland has experienced unprecedented growth in prosperity in recent years. GDP per capita is now almost $100k, which is more than twice as much as in Germany and three times as much as in Italy. The small country with a population of 5 million has benefited from the large investments made by tech giants, who have settled here b/c of the low tax regime. No other country in Europe has a meaningful budget surplus, can set up 2 sovereign wealth funds, (Future Ireland Fund (FIF) and a smaller Infrastructure, Nature and Climate Fund (INCF) and has a war chest of €2.5bn before 3 important elections. Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ

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