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29 Jan 2024

"Australia (67%) and Canada (74%) have the highest percentage of money losing companies in the world and Japan (15%) has the lowest" - via @AswathDamodaran

Source: Charlie Munger Fans

3 Nov 2023

Interest costs as a share of US corporate profits are near the lowest levels in 40 years

This is partly because many companies have locked in long-term financing at low rates. This has kept profit margins elevated. Maybe companies are better to manage their debt schedule than the US Treasury... Source: The daily shot, Lance Roberts

27 Oct 2023

Welcome to Zombie Land

"There are some serious problems in small-caps, especially in the US. Good luck paying interest without profits. Great chart via Soc Gen showing the distribution of stock forward P/E valuations in the MSCI Europe small cap and Russell 2000 index. Source: SG, Themarketear, Lance Roberts

24 Oct 2023

Bitcoin hit $34k on short squeeze


24 Oct 2023

Shares of US firms that miss profit estimates are falling by the most in four years:

Bloomberg Intelligence

11 Oct 2023

Almost half of US listed firms have negative profit margins

They have been able to survive in artificially low interest rates and ample liquidity environment. Things have changed though. Source: GS, Michel A.Arouet

18 Sep 2023

Corporate profit margins jump to highest level in 73 years 👀

Source: Bloomberg, Barchart

31 Aug 2023

The most profitable companies in the world

Source: InvestyWise

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