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22 Nov 2023

A look back on just how rapid Nvidia's $NVDA data center growth has been

· +79.7% CAGR since Q3 FY17's $240M revenue. · Reached record levels at $1.9B in Q3 FY21. · Grown 664% since then to $14.51B in Q3 FY24. · Projected to reach $46.6B in FY24, 56x more than FY17's $830M. Source: Beth Kindig

8 Nov 2023

Walmart vs Amazon

25 yrs ago: Walmart revenue 305x larger than Amazon. 20 yrs ago: Walmart revenue 51x larger than Amazon. 10 yrs ago: Walmart revenue 7x larger than Amazon. 5 yrs ago: Walmart revenue 2x larger than Amazon. Today: Walmart revenue 1.1x larger than Amazon. Source: Charlie Bilello

17 Oct 2023

Through FY24 to FY27, Nvidia $NVDA is projected to generate a total of $342B in revenue

That forecasted total is more than double Nvidia’s lifetime revenues of $160.3B through the end of FY23. Source: Beth Kindig

11 Oct 2023

LVMH Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy. Q3 results in one image

Q3 Revenue +9% Y/Y to €20.0B (in cc). 🍷 Wines & Spirits -14% to €1.5B. 👜 Fashion & Leather goods +9% to €9.8B. 💅 Perfumes & Cosmetics +9% to €2.0B. 💍 Watches & Jewelry +3% to €2.5B. 🛍️ Selective retailers +26% to €4.1B. Source: Quartr, App Economy Insights

18 Sep 2023

Apple annual revenue from Greater China

Source: Genuine Impact

18 Sep 2023

If analysts are correct, $NVDA will generate more revenue & EBIT over the upcoming three (3) years than in ALL its previous 25 years COMBINED.

Source: Quartr

15 Sep 2023

The e-commerce market is a winner-takes-almost-all industry in each country, with Amazon being the leader in terms of e-commerce revenue

JD follows Amazon in second place, generating significantly less e-commerce revenue. Source: Genuine Impact

28 Aug 2023

25 Years of $LVMH Revenue Growth per Business Group

Visualized by Quartr

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