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18 Mar 2024

$SPX/GDP, the 'Buffet' indicator, is back near the 2021 highs

Source: Swordfishvegetable

23 Feb 2024

Yesterday was one of the most distorted markets we've seen yet. Just 2% of the index contributed over 60% of the bullish momentum.

That means ONLY TEN companies were the cause of well over half of the move in $SPX yesterday. $NVDA single handedly contributed an additional 50bps to the return in $SPX. Source: Hedgeye

15 Feb 2024

S&P 500 $SPX is now entering the worst 2-week period of the year based on data going back almost 100 years.

Source: Bloomberg

12 Feb 2024

The SP500 is already up 5.4% on the year, well above the 1.9% average gain Wall Street strategists were predicting for all of 2024. $SPX

Source: Charlie Bilello

12 Feb 2024

The S&P 500 is now 15% higher than where it was when the Fed started hiking rates in March 2022. $SPX

Source: Charlie Bilello

8 Feb 2024

SPX 4,999.89 ......So Close ....

source : bloomberg


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