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4 Apr 2024

A funny one by Trend Spider

True story $SPY

9 Feb 2024

The S&P 500 crossed above 5,000 today for the first time. It took 757 days to go from 4,800 to 4,900 and just 15 days to go from 4,900 to 5,000.

Source: Charlie Bilello

2 Feb 2024

During the election year, the averages tell us that it's going to be sideways to lower for the next 2 months...

Source: Grant Hawkridge

20 Dec 2023

In just 5 days, $SPY has taken in $50B+, more than any other ETF YTD! This is the biggest 5-day take for $SPY since January 2018

This is the biggest 5-day take for $SPY since January 2018. FYI - the following week Jan 30, 2018, was vol-maggeon, (the $VIX went from 12 to 50 in 3 days and the $SPX plunged 10+% in 9 days) Source: Jim Bianco

19 Jul 2023

The Nations SkewDex, which is a proxy of long put demand, reached the lowest level since data are recorded.

The Nations SkewDex compares the cost of out-of-the-money SPY put options to the cost of precisely at-the-money SPY options. Source: Bloomberg, C.Barraud


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