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23 Feb 2024

Market Breadth continues to look strong!

More than 72% of sp500 stocks are now trading above their 200D moving average. Source: Barchart

22 Feb 2024

In case you missed it. Chinese stocks have now fully recovered from all year-to-date losses and are now green on the year.

Source: Barchart

20 Feb 2024

The trend is your friend...

Source: Goldman Sachs, TME

19 Feb 2024

Hmmmmm... Observations that provoke thought ?

One of these companies sells chips that power the world and the other sells sweatshirts to teenagers and young adults. source : kofin, tme

19 Feb 2024

Mag 8: Could Eli Lilly $LLY be the first trillion dollar pharma stock?

$LLY price performance has significantly outpaced the Mag 7 YTD. Source: Factset, TME

19 Feb 2024

Hedge funds' top picks for Q4 2023 are in!

Key investment themes: ☁️ Hyperscalers: $AMZN, $GOOG, $MSFT. ⚙️ Semiconductors: $AMD, $ASML, $TSM. 🌏 Global commerce: $MELI, $PDD, $SQ. ☁️ Software: $CRM, $OKTA, $PCOR. 🩸 Medical devices: $DXCM. Source: App Economy Insights

15 Feb 2024

Since February 2023:

1. Magnificent 7: +77% 2. S&P 500: +20% 3. Russel 2000: +5% 4. S&P 500 Equal Weight: +4% If you remove the Magnificent 7 from the S&P 500, the index is barely up 5% over the last year. Source: The Kobeissi Letter

15 Feb 2024

Ranked: The Largest Stock Markets Over Time, by Country (1970-Today)

Source: Visual Capitalist

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