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30 Jan 2024

JUST IN: Fidelity has marked up the value of its shares in X by 11% during the month of December, according to a new disclosure

Usage of X is currently at an all time high of 384 billion user seconds per day. It is also believed that the launch of Elon Musk's AI company, Grok, has helped increase valuation. X is currently the #2 news app on the App Store. Source: The Kobeissi Letter

30 Jan 2024

The SP500 is expensive

Source: Win Smart, BofA

25 Jan 2024

'The Nasdaq 100 valuation has disconnected from real rates.'

Source: The Daily Shot, Win Smart

25 Jan 2024

Mega Cap Tech stocks are approaching an all-time valuation relative to commodities that was last seen during the Dot Com Bubble

Source: Bloomberg, Barchart

17 Jan 2024

The valuation gap between the S&P 500 $SPX and the rest of the world continues to widen

Source: FT, Barchart

4 Jan 2024

Fidelity marks down X valuation by 71.5%

Source: Win Smart, CFA

18 Dec 2023

Quartr just created this infographic that illustrates the 12 largest luxury companies by market cap

Four fun facts: → $LVMH's market cap is 50% larger than the bottom 10 companies *combined*. → $RMS is by far the largest single-brand company on the list, 3.5x the size of $RACE for example. → Despite owning 10+ brands including iconic maisons such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Bottega Veneta, $KER's revenue is "only" ~€20B, compared to Hermès' >€13B. → Tiffany & Co. got acquired by LVMH during the pandemic at a $16B valuation, which would place them at #7 on this list. Source: Quartr Activate to view larger image,

11 Dec 2023

SpaceX Leading on Launches

A chart by Chartr. SpaceX, which has a wide-ranging set of commercial interests beyond taking tourists to the edge of space, continues to move forward — with a tender offer reported last week that could value it at $175bn. Plans for thousands of internet satellites, commercial travel to the moon, a base on the lunar surface and even loftier goals to turn the human race into an interplanetary species by colonizing other planets, are all ambitions of the California-based company. SpaceX has catalyzed much of the excitement about space tourism. The company’s two-stage Falcon 9 rocket is able to launch a kilogram into low-Earth orbit for just ~$1,500, a 10-20x decrease in cost in roughly as many years. That's due to its (partial) reusability — a breakthrough that’s helped SpaceX dominate commercial launchpads in the US. Indeed, FAA data reveals that SpaceX has completed 281 licensed launches since 2000 — 9x as many as Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic have managed between them. Source: Chartr

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