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18 Apr 2024

The US being a net energy exporter in one chart

Chart: Stephane Deo, Michel A. Arouet, Eleva Capital

17 Apr 2024

A great chart by HolgerZ ->

Big Tech vs Non-Profitable Tech (long-duration stocks) curve tracks perfectly the US 10y yield rise. It shows very nicely the consequences of the rise in yields for the stock market. Source chart: Bloomberg

15 Apr 2024

Index investing vs active management, visualized on one chart

By Brian Feroldi

25 Mar 2024

The importance of capital markets for selected economies in one chart

Source: HolgerZ

27 Feb 2024

Why Europeans are nervous about NATO without the US in one chart

Source: Michel A.Arouet

1 Feb 2024

Germany troubles in one chart. Retail sales have fallen by 4.4% in Dec YoY.

This means that even Christmas sales fell through. Germans have gone on a buyers' strike since the outbreak of inflation & have even cut back on gifts for children during the Christmas season. This also explains why Germany has some of the toughest competition in the retail sector and the lowest profit margins there. Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ


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