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1 Feb 2024

BUBBLES = Super-short-term gambling (zero days to expiration options)... is now running at 50% of the daily flow

Source: Keith McCullough, Bloomberg

25 Jan 2024

Total Put/Call Ratio dropped to 0.77 on Friday, one of the lowest levels in the last 2 years

Source: Barchart

23 Jan 2024

The put/call ratio is as low as at the DotCom peak

Source: The Daily Shot, WinSmart

5 Jan 2024

10-Year Treasury Yield Options Bet

Ahead of US jobs data, an Options Trader bet $625,000 that the 10-Year Treasury Yield would surge to at least 4.15% by Friday's close. If the yield were to jump to 4.20%, the bet would pay the trader $10 million in profit. Source: Barchart, Bloomberg

12 Dec 2023

Record Options Volume !

Average daily stock options volume this year is 44 million contracts, on track to be the highest in history and more than double what it was 5 years ago. Source: barchart

7 Dec 2023

As highlighted by The Kobeissi Letter, options markets are suggesting that Bitcoin will hit $50,000 by January

This also happens to be the same month that Bitcoin ETF approvals are expected. Open interest for Bitcoin $50,000 strike calls is massive, as displayed below. A move to $50,000 would put Bitcoin up more than 200% from its low. Options are suggesting the run is only just beginning. Can Bitcoin continue to thrive after ETF approvals? Source: The Kobeissi Letter

29 Nov 2023

More and more capital going into the business of selling ETFs with embedded options selling features

Source: TME, Nomura

27 Nov 2023

Nasdaq has now listed 0DTE Options (Zero Days to Expiry) for ETFS tracking silver, gold, oil, natural gas, and treasuries. Let the games begin! 🎰

Financial Times >>> "Trading in a controversial type of derivative known as “zero-day” options is spreading to Treasury and commodity markets, as Nasdaq and other exchange groups try to replicate a boom that has transformed trading in US stock indices. Nasdaq this week listed a series of new options contracts tracking some of the most popular exchange traded funds investing in gold, silver, natural gas, oil and long-term Treasuries. Options contracts give investors the right to buy or sell an asset at a fixed price by a given date. Trading a contract on the day it expires is known as zero-day trading and can be used to bet on or hedge against extremely short-term market moves. Zero-day trading in options tied to the S&P 500 index boomed in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic. Initially viewed as a temporary phenomenon driven by speculative retail traders, the surge sparked concern among some analysts and regulators that it could create systemic risk by exacerbating market moves. Source: FT, Barchart

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