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18 Jan 2024

You've probably heard Chinese stocks are cheap. This chart takes that to a whole new level.

The Hang Seng Index's P/E is now below the Nasdaq's P/B. Those two valuation ratios should not even be anywhere close one another. Source: David Ingles, Bloomberg

17 Jan 2024

The Influence of Family-Owned Businesses, by Share of GDP

by The Visual Capitalist

17 Jan 2024

Bitcoin hashrate is going parabolic! 🚀

Source: Bitcoin Archive

17 Jan 2024

BofA's Fund Manager survey shows the mag7 is still the most crowded trade.

Source: BofA

16 Jan 2024

Google Search $GOOG continues to hold more than 91% share of search engine referrals, followed by Bing $MSFT at 3% and Yahoo at 1.2%.

Source: Beth Kindig

15 Jan 2024

Last week, Nike and Tiger Woods announced they'd be ending one of the most iconic (and lucrative) brand deals in sports history after some 27 years.

To mark the end of the Big Cat/Shoe Dog partnership, Chartr is diving into how huge collabs with some of the biggest names and teams in sports — and much more besides — have helped Nike change the sportswear game .- see chart below

15 Jan 2024

Natural Gas is now up 54% since the December 13th low and has traded green in 8 of the last 9 days.

Source:, Bloomberg

15 Jan 2024

URANIUM GOING PARABOLIC as prices surges above 100 for the first time since 2007 and reaches its most overbought level in history...

Source: Barchart

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