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23 Aug 2023

The number of unicorns is plummeting

Since 2018, over 250 new unicorns have been minted each year, with the exception of 2021, when this number spiked to 787 – a rate of more than two unicorns per day. In 2022, new unicorn creation collapsed in 2022. Peak to trough there was a 90% drop in the new unicorn rate within five quarters. Just 21 new unicorns were created in Q1 2023. Source:, TME

10 Aug 2023

Unicorns, once elusive creatures of the startup universe, are again becoming a rarity

According to the latest data from Pitchbook, July saw just 3 new companies reach the $1 billion valuation necessary to join the club — a paltry count in comparison to the 67 that emerged back in December 2021. Source: Chartr


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