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19 Feb 2024

There's two hotbeds for re-export of western goods to Russia in Central Asia and the Caucasus: Armenia (top left) and Georgia (bottom left).

Armenia stands out for massive direct exports to Russia (black), Georgia for a huge surge in exports to Russia's satellite economies blue). Source: Robin Brooks

6 Feb 2024

Germany's exports to Kyrgyzstan were up 1200% in 2023 vs before Russia invaded Ukraine...

Source: Robin Brooks

2 Feb 2024

Visualizing 150 Years of Exports for Top Economic Superpowers

Source: Visual Capitalist

22 Jan 2024

Suez Canal Transit Volume continues to plunge (Chart via SRP)

Source: HolgerZ

17 Jan 2024

Container transportation costs have indeed doubled over the past 6 weeks but it is important to see the full picture. Relative to the pandemic peaks, transportation prices are still 75% lower...

Source: Bastion notes, Oxford Economics

15 Jan 2024

Red Sea Transit Volume

Source: BofA, Win Smart

10 Jan 2024

Mapped: The Top Middle East Exports by Country


21 Dec 2023

MAP OF THE DAY: The number of ships that have diverted from the Red Sea and instead taken the 10/14-day longer route around Africa has risen to >100.

The map shows **container ships** declaring European ports as destination, with one only left in the Red Sea | Red Sea Source: Javier Blas

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