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11 Dec 2023

Russia replaced oil exports to the EU with exports to India and China

Source: FT

27 Nov 2023

German exports of motor vehicles and parts (blue) to Kyrgyzstan are up 5500% since Russia invaded Ukraine

Is Kyrgyzstan suddenly in a massive boom or are these vehicles and parts just transiting through Kyrgyzstan? Source: Robin Brooks

7 Nov 2023

China reported a worse-than-expected drop in exports in October, while imports surprisingly rose for the month from a year ago

China’s customs agency said exports in U.S. dollar terms fell by 6.4% in October from a year ago. That’s worse than the 3.3% drop predicted by a Reuters poll. Overall, China’s exports have fallen on a year-on-year basis every month this year starting in May. The last positive print for imports on a year-on-year basis was in September last year. China’s exports to Southeast Asia and the European Union fell by double digits in October, according to CNBC calculations of official data. Exports to the U.S. dropped by more than 8%, the analysis showed. Imports rose by 3% in U.S. dollar terms in October from a year ago. That’s in contrast to the Reuters’ forecast for a 4.8% drop from a year ago. However, China’s imports from the U.S. were down by 3.7% in October versus the year ago period, CNBC calculations of customs data showed. China’s imports from the European Union rose by more than 5%, while those from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations grew by 10.2%, the analysis showed. Source: CNBC

6 Oct 2023

Robin Brooks tweet: "In the first 8 months of 2023, German exports to Kyrgyzstan were up 1400% from the same period in 2019

A lot of these goods - mostly cars and car parts - never ends up in Kyrgyzstan, but go directly or indirectly to Russia"

4 Sep 2023

India's driest August in more than 100 years may force the country to impose additional export restrictions!

Source: Barchart, Bloomberg

8 Aug 2023

This could be a problem for sugar prices which already hit 12-year highs back in May

Source: Barchart

7 Aug 2023

German exports to Kyrgyzstan are up 2000% in the past 3 years

Value of these exports is small, but this is just one of many examples showing how hard it is to police export controls on western goods to Russia. Source: Robin Brooks

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