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20 Sep 2023

Central banks meetings calendar

Source: Bloomberg

18 Sep 2023

JUST IN: Personal interest payments in the US hit a record $506 BILLION in July

During the first 7 months of 2023, Americans paid a total of $3.3 TRILLION in personal interest. This is up a staggering 80% since 2021 and nearly above the entire 2022 total. The worst part? These numbers do NOT include interest on mortgage payments. Source: The Kobeissi Letter, FRED

11 Sep 2023

U.S. interest payments equal military spending for the first time in 3 decades (~1.9 Trillion combined)

Source: Barchart, FRED

11 Sep 2023

One of the reasons we are not in recession yet. Despite rate hikes US corporate net interest payments are going down so far👇

Source: Michel A. Arouet

5 Sep 2023

$862bn in deposits have left the banks since the Fed began to raise interest rates

Source: Apollo, TME

5 Sep 2023

Trafigura says ‘fragile’ oil market may be prone to price spikes as higher interest rates and underinvestment squeeze the market according to a Bloomberg article

- The consensus view is for prices to remain near current levels, but the market is “more fragile than it looks,” Ben Luckock, the co-head of oil trading said in an interview at APPEC in Singapore. Brent crude is nearing $90 a barrel after OPEC+ heavyweights reduced supply — curbs that could continue further. - “One reason is underinvestment in new oil production,” he said on Monday. “Combined with higher interest rates, which make it more expensive to hold oil in storage, it means there isn’t much slack or flex in the system. Put all together, and you have a market that’s susceptible to price spikes.” - Oil options traders are showing confidence in the recent sustained surge in prices, bolstering wagers that crude will rally toward $100, even as questions remain over China’s outlook. However, Luckock and other attendees at the conference said it wasn’t all bad when it came to nation’s economy.

15 Aug 2023

Argentine Peso having a rough day. An 18% devaluation to 350 pesos per dollar (chart) accompanied by a 21 percentage point hike in interest rates to 118% …

Source: Barchart

15 Aug 2023

The countries that have rarely borrowed, such as Brazil or Mexico, often pay much higher interest rates than those that have much higher debt ratios, like Japan or China.

Intriguing chart by Alpine Macro

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