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1 Feb 2024

German inflation slows to 2.9% in January from 3.7% in December, lowest level since June 2021

Core CPI slows to 3.4% in January from 3.5% in December, lowest level June 2022. Energy in deflation, hashtag#energy prices dropped -2.8% YoY, while Food CPI slowed to 3.8% from 4.5% in December. Source: HolgerZ, Bloomberg

11 Jan 2024

Beware the second wave...inflation moves in mysterious ways and sometimes you get that "unplanned" second wave.

Source: TS Lombard, TME

8 Jan 2024

You can measure the concrete effects of inflation on your purchasing power over time by using this CPI Inflation calculator (This applies to the US only)

5 Jan 2024

German inflation has accelerated again, at least the headline rate

CPI rose to 3.7% in December from 3.2% in November due to base effect. But Core CPI has fallen further to 3.5% in Dec from 3.8% in November. This means that core inflation is once again below headline inflation. Source: HolgerZ, Bloomberg

19 Dec 2023

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Mark Twain, 1897

Source: Lawrence McDonald, Bloomberg

12 Dec 2023

A slightly disappointing US CPI inflation numbers for the markets...

US YoY CPI eased to 3.1% in November from 3.2% while the important core reading was unchanged at 4% YoY, despite seeing the MoM tick a bit higher. The so-called super-core, a measure watched by the Fed, meanwhile rose at one of the fastest monthly paces this year.

22 Nov 2023

Compared to a year ago, the CPI for rent spiked by 8.2% in October, up from 7.3% in September, and the biggest year-over-year spike since April 1983

Soure:, WallStreetSilver

15 Nov 2023

What a day...

The US 10-year note yield fell sharply to 4.49%, after CPI inflation hits 3.2% in October. The 10-year note yield went down 20 basis points in 24 hours. Meanwhile, the U.S. Dollar Index $DXY had its biggest drop in more than a year. Source: The Kobeissi Letter, Barchart

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