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14 Nov 2023

US CPI has moved down from a peak of 9.1% in June 2022 to 3.2% today

What's driving that decline? Lower rates of inflation in Fuel Oil, Gas Utilities, Used Cars, Gasoline, Medical Care, New Cars, Food at Home, Electricity, Apparel, and Food away from Home. Shelter and Transportation are the only major components that have a higher inflation rate today than June 2022. Source: Charlie Bilello

31 Oct 2023

Germany's inflation slowed to 3.8% YoY in Oct from 4.5% in Sep vs 4% expected and lowest since Aug 2021 as energy prices dropped 3.2% YoY and food inflation slowed to 6.1% YoY

German October Core CPI dropped to 3.8% from 4.6% in September. Source: HolgerZ, Bloomberg

12 Oct 2023

What to expect from today's US CPI data? Main take via JPM's market intelligence team

Source: JPM, TME

11 Oct 2023

German inflation in September fell to its lowest rate since outbreak of war in Ukraine, confirming prior estimates

CPI slowed to 4.5% in September YoY from 6.1% in August. Headline CPI is now lower than Core CPI BUT food prices are already on the rise again. Compared to previous month, food has become 0.4% more expensive. Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ

20 Sep 2023

An ugly canadian CPI, surging crude oil prices and cautious positioning ahead of tomorrow's FOMC decision have pushed #us treasuries yields to their highest since 2007...

Bonds are now at their cheapest to stocks since Oct 2007... Source: Bloomberg,

18 Sep 2023

Translation: If you exclude everything you need in life, inflation has been vanquished!

Source: Barchart

14 Sep 2023


Consensus expected a reacceleration of Headline inflation (+0.6% MoM after +0.2% in July) and a stabilisation of “core” inflation (+0.2% MoM after +0.16% in July). Key actual numbers are the following: ON A SEQUENTIAL BASIS (MoM) Headline inflation numbers are in-line with expectations (+0.6%). That is the biggest MoM since June 2022 and the second straight monthly increase in CPI...The energy index rose 5.6% in August after increasing 0.1% in July. There was a big turn-around in airline fares. They rose 4.9% after dropping 8.1% in each of the previous two months. But the gasoline index dominated with an increase of 10.6 percent in August, following a 0.2% increase in the previous month.

12 Sep 2023

Egypt inflation soars to 37.4% y/y in August as higher food costs add to currency angst

Another month, another record inflation number. Consumer prices in Egypt rose 37.4% in August compared with a year earlier. This is the highest number since 2010 -- higher than even the levels reached after the 2016 currency crisis. Note that food costs were up 71.4%

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